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Mackinaw’s Restaurant, located in historic downtown Chehalis, Washington, is a dining gem. It is a little piece of the city in a small town. We work with numerous local farmers that allow us the ability to bring the freshest ingredients to our menu – which changes daily. Mackinaw’s has 3 different dining rooms so that you can easily accommodate intimate groups as well as large gatherings. Allow the amazing Chef Khan to introduce herself, and Mackinaw’s Restaurant, in this short introductory video.

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Chef Khan creates an original menu every night to ensure the freshest ingredients are available. She sources local growers and farmer’s markets to support our community and regularly travels the country in search of new inspirations for her dishes.

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Laurel Khan

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“I certainly didn’t plan on opening an upscale restaurant in rural Chehalis, Washington. But how often do plans go accordingly? Upon finishing school at Western Culinary in Portland, Oregon I was chosen to work with Rick Tramonto at TRU in Chicago. That incredible experience put me on the exact learning track that I was hoping and furthered my learning by working with Stu Stein in Portland…”

Executive Chef Laurel Khan

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Human Touch

Chef's Group

“We came together, mostly as strangers, in the spring of 2012 over lunch to discuss the future of our industry and cooking. From there we started cooking together for fun, but while the cooking was fun we soon realized there was a chance to do something different with this group. We could make a difference. And so The Human Touch Chefs Group was formed. Over the last three years we have recognized a need for better food and better food education. We share a desire to teach children that “Farm To Table” is not a fad but a way of life that worked for our ancestors for generations.”

Executive Chef Edward A. Lintott

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